Thursday, July 30, 2009

World Folk Festival

Last night Ron took me out on a fun date to Springville's World Folk Festival. It featured dancers and musicians from around the world. They included Hungry, Belgium, Poland, China, Korea, Mexico, Polynesia and the USA. Ron REALLY enjoyed watching a guy from China play a very unique instrument that originally made high shrill noises, then he switched to one that made noises resembling that of a duck. He went back and forth between the two and then put them both to the side and made noises that resembled something like a pig squeal from his own mouth. He must have had something in his mouth to cause this to happen. Ron immediately let me know that was his favorite. I liked all of the dancing and the music. It is nice to be able to learn a little bit more about different people and the parts of the world that they come from. I could see this festival becoming an anual Francom tradition.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Siena Takes up Sword Play!!

A couple weeks ago William was invited to a pirate birthday party. Along with the invitation was a chest full of goodies and pirate items including a hook, dager, sword, etc. Siena took an interst in these weapons and William. This was the result.

Beware when Siena has anything in her hands!!!


Siena is almost 14 months old, and getting close to walking. Her past time includes exploring, climbing and attacking her brothers and sister. We are all glad for the entertaining element that she brings to our family!!!


Elizabella will be turning 5 at the end of August. She is very excited to be starting kindergarten at the end of the month as well. She doesn't have a problem making herself heard, as we are still working on finding the off switch for her talking. (Just kidding- kind of .) She loves being a big sister although Siena might not love it quite as well at times.


McKay is now six years old and likes to try and keep up with William. They both are getting very good at playing the piano and like to play soccer against each other in the back yard. McKay also likes to whistle and snap everywhere he goes when he's excited.


Here are some pictures of William who is seven and a half. William will be starting second grade this next month and is very excited for soccer season to start next month as well. We were very excited to actually get him to smile.

Introducing Our Family

I've been wanting to do something to help people who we don't see all the time feel involved in our lives, and I've been wanting to do a better job recording our family's memories and various events so here is my attempt. Please bear with me in my first blogging attempt.

Here is a picture of our family that was taken this past week while we were up in Idaho.

Our family consists - from left to right- of a very active and adventurous William (7), Super handsome and amazing Ron, very energetic, smiley and busy Siena (14 months), busy and on the go Wendy, handsome talented piano player and whistler McKay (6), and incredibly talkative, dramatic and beautiful Elizabella (4- almost 5).