Friday, March 4, 2011

Early Spring Craft Bug

So yesterday I decided it was time to change some things up in our living room and help things feel a bit more springish and St. Patrick's dayish. So the craft bug hit and I got to work. Here's what we ended up with.

To do the ball on the piano I glued split peas all over a styrofoam ball. I started with Elmer's glue, but quickly realized that hot glue is the way to go. I put the glue on and then rolled the ball in the peas and then tried to pack them in as tightly as I could. It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.
I love spring blossoms on trees in the spring, so I decided to bring some into our front room.
I wanted something fun to give an elegant accent as well. I saw on the tutorial for making these hurricane lanterns. They were very inexpensive, super easy and turned out really good. Basically you take a candlestick and a vase and glue them together with some super strong glue. Apply some pressure and let it dry.

Here's what we started out with.
And here's our finished product. I added split peas to the sides to give it a more festive look. It also compliments my accent ball on the other side of the piano.

I love subway art and added this little sign to help get us all geared up for a great St. Patty's day.
All in all it was a pretty fun day. Sometimes you just need an outlet from a stressful day and it's fun when you can do something productive with that.