Monday, January 31, 2011

Partners in "Crime"

I have recently started referring to Mia and Siena as partners in Crime. It's so fun to see them getting along and working together. The other day I found them locked in the bathroom eating a box of cereal. Later on that day I found they had locked themselves in Elzabella's room. When I unlocked the door I discovered Siena with a pack of gum and Mia was under Bella's bed. Apparently Siena would eat the gum and give the wrappers to Mia to hide under the bed. Pretty good team work.

One of their daily "rituals" is to pull all the contents of one of my drawers and spread them throughout the kitchen. Apparently that wasn't exciting enough, so they started restocking the drawer with themselves.
I love how Mia likes to really "smile" when I take a picture. She looks like she's getting ready to be a pirate. Arrrrr.
Ron gave the kids haircuts the other day so he brought a stool in the kitchen. Mia LOVES to climb it. Siena was being a good sister and making sure that Mia didn't fall off as she climbed up it.

These two girls are so fun. Granted they're either laughing hysterically with each other or Mia is screaming with all her might in frustration that something has been taken away from her. So fun!!!

And the Runner up is....

Saturday was the cub scout Pinewood Derby. Last year William did "OK" but this year he and Ron were determined to do a bit better. (Maybe it was more Ron and I- mainly Ron though.) Ron and William learned a lot about how to make a fast car and believe it or not, but it was not the design of the car. It was all in the wheels and the nails. Crazy, huh?

William's Car was really fast and beat every car it raced against.
William was awarded the "Best Workmanship" Award. Way to go boys.
And William took 2nd place overall, which is practically first place since the boy who won, wins every year since his dad is the Pinewood derby guru who happened to be who helped Ron and William with their car. Lots of fun!!!

Even She Was Listening

We've been trying to read the scriptures with our children every night before we go to bed. Sometimes Mia and Siena are quite a distraction while they are there and we didn't think that they paid much attention while we were reading. Tonight as we were having family home evening Siena opened up the Book of Mormon and started reading, beginning with the phrase "And it Came to Pass."