Thursday, August 6, 2009

Precious Moments to Remember

With everything that happens and goes on each day sometimes the little things that mean the most seem to get over looked. On Sunday, after church, I enjoyed just having Siena snuggle up into my arms. She is so precious and brings such a sweet presence to our home (especially during to quiet hours of rest.) During those quite times it is humbling to reflect upon the deep trust our Heavenly Father places upon all of us parents to care for and love his tender children.

Siena's First Steps

On Sunday Ron and the kids had a fun time playing a rousing game of Monopoly. I'm not sure how many hours they played, but they really enjoyed themselves and I enjoyed some peace and quiet upstairs. Apparently they also had fun trying to keep a very entergetic 14 month old out of their game at the same time. I came downstairs during the game and all of the sudden noticed Siena trying to walk towards me and told everyone to watch. We all watched as Siena took seven steps to me! It was pretty exciting. She isn't quite walking all over, but likes to try taking steps more and more each day.