Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We enjoyed our first Thanksgiving with just our family this year. Mia is so young we didn't want to travel with her and expose her to any potential sicknesses (which we seem to have plenty of in our own home as it is), so we decided to stay home this year. The kids were kind of sad that we weren't going to be spending time with our other family members, but they had a memorable day with all of us together.

Ron, Elizabella and McKay helped prepare the turkey. Elizabella was so proud of herself that she touched the turkey and it didn't do anything to her. The kids all helped out and decorated our table so nicely. We even had name cards to show us where to sit so we wouldn't be confussed.

Here is the delicious food that we all helped to prepare. All of the kids enjoyed helping mom make the traditional rainbow jello. Ours was orange and red though, as those were the colors of jello that mom had, so they went along with the autumn theme.

William insisted that we have ham to go with our feast, so we cooked some, just for him, although the rest of us enjoyed it as well.

Siena's favorite part were the rolls. She enjoyed eating much better when she pulled up a chair and joined us all at the table.

We didn't have pie for Thanksgiving, but we did enjoy a delicious birthday cake. The day before was William's eighth birthday. He was so full from dinner, and hadn't been feeling the best on his birthday so he wanted to save his cake for the next day. We didn't mind.

Eight Years Old!!!

Wednessday November 25, 2009, William turned eight years old. William thought it was pretty neat that he didn't have to go to school on his birthday. He was able to open some presents throughout the day. One of his favorite ones was a football that his dad got him. He had fun playing catch with everyone. Even mom went out and played with him.

As a special treat for his birthday all the kids except for Mia went minature golfing at Trafallgas. Ron was going to keep score at first, but thought better of it after the first ball was hit.
Everyone thought it was pretty neat how their clothes showed up under the black lights at the golf place.

That evening mom and dad took William out for a special birthday dinner. William could pick anywhere he wanted to go. He chose to go to Teppanyaki's Japanese Steak House.

We enjoyed a delicious meal and had fun drinking soup from bowls.

The cheif came out and cooked our food right in front of us. William thought it was pretty cool. "It's like dinner and a show at the same time!" Here the cheif made a volcano out of a sliced up onion.

William even ate with chopsticks.

Ice cream at the end was a fun treat as well.

When we got home William had fun receiving the rest of his presents. McKay colored two pictures for William. He was supposed to notice the differences between the two.

Siena REALLY enjoyed William's football.

Siena liked William's football so much, it was hard to get a picture with him and the football because Siena kept trying to swipe it.

William got some nice gifts for his birthday. The one he was the most excited for was his new scriptures. He teared up a little because he was so happy- he must be related to his dad.

William is a very kind and respectful son. Throughout the day, and especially at the end of the day William kept thanking us for having such a nice birthday for him. I thought to myself as he went to sleep, this is what makes being a mom all worth it. I love William so much and am very grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who sent him to be a part of our family eight years ago.

Just Can't Wait Until I'm Eight

The day before William's Eighth birthday he was invited to a cub scout pack meeting. He was so excited to go. Ron had young mens and I needed to stay home with Mia, as she is so young, but he was able to go with a friend's family. He had a lot of fun and is excited to start cub scouts next month.

For part of their meeting William was branded into the Wolf Pack. He was so proud, he wouldn't let us wash his sweatshirt for several days because he wanted to keep the brand on.

Daddy's Little Girls

So last night the two youngest girls kept their parents awake most of the night. Here are some pictures of a very special girl to remind her dad how much he loves his little princess, even when she doesn't let him get much sleep.

Siena loves hanging out with dad evert chance they get.

Apple anyone???

Up for the main course???

Safe and sound in Daddy's arms.

Let's eat again!!!

I'm a "Big" Sister!!!!