Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Fun Fall Vacation!!!

The kids had a couple days off of school for fall break so we decided to head out of town and take a little vacation. We started by going up to Park City where I did some shopping while Ron and the kids played at the play areas at the outlets. The kids were all so good we decided to extend our fun and drove to West Valley City where we spent night at a hotel there that had a fun little water park.
McKay and Elizabella enjoyed relaxing in the hot tub.
Siena and I had fun watching what everyone was doing and enjoyed getting in the water ourselves.

William really enjoyed the basketball hoop and ball they had in one of the pools. It was pretty fun to watch him run, shoot and jump into the pool. We all had fun playing horse.

They had a big fun slide there that William and Ron enjoyed going down. You had to climb up a bunch of stairs to get to the top and then you actually went through the slide on the outside of the building and then came back in and landed in the pool. I tried to get a picture of Ron coming in, but only got his HUGE splash.

Overall we had a really fun time in the water and spent several hours there.
Sleeping at the hotel was a different story as Elizabella kept us up pretty much ALL night as she coughed and complained about her throat hurting. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast at the hotel and then went swimming some more in the morning.

After we left the hotel we headed over to Temple Square and showed the kids around.

William and McKay had fun escorting Siena around. We had to leave a bit early as I started having a lot of contractions. We all had fun and enjoyed getting away for a little bit.

Pretty Baby Ballerina

Look at our beautiful Ballerina. Isn't she cute???

Halloween Fun

For Family Home Evening we had fun carving our Halloween Pumpkins. Ron and Elizabella teamed up to do a Jack-o-lantern with scary eyes and a mean mouth (that Elizabella made personally). William made a cyclops pumpkin and McKay wanted a kitty pumpkin, that mom ended up having to carve. The end results were very "awesome" according to William and will surely scare and "wow" the trick-or-treaters who visit our door.
Last Saturday we raked up the leaves in our back yard and McKay enjoyed jumping in our leaf pile. We also had fun helping a neighbor rake up her leaves (we filled over 12 bags). Of course right after we raked up the leaves we had a storm that blew a bunch more leaves off the trees, so now it looks like we'll have to rake again.

Ron took the kids to the library's Halloween party. Apparently Elizabella was getting a bit fresh with Frankenstein. I guess dad will have to have a talk with her about kissing tall green monsters.

Look I lost a tooth!!!

McKay has had a wiggly bottom tooth for a little while. One day while wiggling it we noticed that he had a big tooth growing up right behind it, so the baby teeth had to go. On Tuesday October 20th Ron pulled out McKay's first tooth. It was pretty dramatic, but I think he thought it was cool to be missing a tooth.
The next Tuesday tooth #2 was pulled as the tooth behind it was starting to come in as well. Mom tried to help pull it, but decided that a screaming boy and a big belly were not a good combination so we again waited for dad to work his magic. Now he is missing both bottom teeth, although the big ones are already starting to fill in the gap.

That night McKay lost his tooth somewhere and was worried about not getting the full benifits from the tooth fairy, so he wrote her a note explaining that he had lost his tooth and wondered if he could still get money. She actually wrote him back, along with giving him a handsome reward as she felt bad that he had lost the same tooth twice in one day.

It's Halloween Time!!!

On Thursday the kids dressed up for their school Halloween Parade.
William decided he wanted to be a Pharaoh this year, so I had fun figuring out how to make his costume Wednesday night. I was actually able to make the whole thing fairly quickly and didn't have to sew a thing. His costume was very unique and he was the only Egypt ion there.

He got pretty excited to get to use makeup on his eyes, just like Mom.

McKay was a very handsome vampire. I don't think it would be too hard for him to get close enough to such your blood!!

Here's William chatting with a neighbor witch and getting some advice on which way the Nile ought to flow and where exactly his next pyramid should be built.

Count McKay casually meanders his way around the school yard in search for his next snack.

Pharaoh William met a beautiful Princess Fairy and kindly posed for the Paparazzi.