Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Fourth- 4 Kevin

SOooooo My Brother Kevin has been on my case about posting pictures, so here are some pictures from the 4th of July.  My family came out from California and we had a fun day up the canyon, relaxing, eating good food and practicing the right to bare arms.

 Bella and Mia just chilling in the shade.
 My baby sister Nat got really into the holiday spirit.  She was Miss Lady Liberty!!!
 Dad decided to join her as "Captain America" or ........something else.  Ha ha.
 The styling ladies- Michelle and Miss Lana.  Super cute.
 Bella looks like she's ready to surf off that log.  We had a picnic on the banks of a stream.  The kids LOVED getting into it and exploring it.
 Grandpa joined in and helped Siena explore the water.
 "Well, hello there! Happy 4th of July!!!!"
 Enjoying the company!!!
William and his aunt.  Pretty close to the same size ehh? 
 Uncle Chris got really REALLY excited to go and catch a fish with his bare hands.  McKay takes a moment to pause for the camera as he begins his quest to help Christ fulfill his destiny.
Grandma and Max just chillin' in the shade.  All in all a fun day!!!

I guess I didn't take pictures of us with the riffles we shot later that day.  You'll have to bug Michelle for those ones.... although I think she may have lost them.  Guess you'll all have to come shoot some more then.  

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