Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bass bass- who plays the Bass???

This year William has been playing in their school orchestra.  I hope he has been enjoying it- he doesn't really like to admit it to any of us.  His school participated in a "Monster" Concert this last week, which basically was a huge orchestra performance including 21 different schools in the area.  I think it was a neat experience for all the kids to perform with so many others.  

Notice the basses in the very back.  Out of the 21 schools they had 6 basses and our William was one of them.  (He's on the very end- towards center stage.  He also helped us out by wearing a suit that made it easier to recognize him.)

 William showing his Awesome plucking techniques.
 Using the bow.
 Being awesome!
 Such a stud.
William and his friend Rosey- both from the Brookside.

I tried recording parts of the performance.  Here is a little taste.   Sorry for the wobbliness- guess I was just too "moved" by the music- or I can't hold a camera steady.

We're glad that William has chosen to try something new with his talents.  Love that kid!!!


  1. Great performance! I also enjoyed the concert he gave for us while we were there.